DDoS Attacks Affect Business & Server Protection

DDoS Attacks Affect Business & Server Protection

DDoS Attacks Affect Business & Server Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are simply bad for business, but our in-house dedicated service protection will prevent these attacks from taking your NoLagg Hosting server offline.

What is a DDoS Attack?

A DDoS attack typically floods a server with requests or data, making the services on the server inaccessible. This prevents anyone from using your website or service. Though DDoS attacks are talking points on the news, we understand that they are all too real for our customers. Such attacks can result in lost revenue due to service nonavailability.

Dedicated Server Protection for DDoS Attacks

The way our system works is simple. Every NoLagg Hosting dedicated server comes standard with protection from up to 50 Gbps of malicious traffic. For customers who prefer a more aggressive method, we offer protection from a DDoS attack of more than 250 Gbps. Dedicated server protection means that all malicious traffic is automatically blocked from our network, without a spike in traffic of your end. Your server only receives clean traffic, as it normally would. Unlike other similar services, we do not shut down your server during this process.

The anti-DDoS feature will put you at ease even when your IP experiences a large attack. Dedicated server protection is vital to maintaining your business because it can also prevent bandwidth overage and additional latency on your server at the time of the attack.