The Top CSGO Aimbot Download

The Top CSGO Aimbot Download

With Wallhax’s CSGO hack, loading your cheat into the game is as simple as running our cheat client and selecting our CSGO module, then clicking the load button to prepare it for injection into the game.

Once it injects, you can toggle the in-game menu and either start dominating with the default settings or tweak things to your preference. We recommend tweaking the settings if you’re playing in ranked mode, as our default settings are quite aggressive and would give away that you are using an aimbot if spectated.

By default our aimbot activates with the Right Mouse button, but in CSGO you’ll want to change it to another key like a side mouse button so you aren’t zooming in or changing weapon modes when you try to aimbot.

You can then also further customize the aimbot tweaking your aimbot’s field of view, smooth aiming, as well as other settings like No Recoil and Bone Aim Priority.

Don’t worry about getting overwhelmed, it’s easy to get started and you can always ask on our community forums if you have any questions.


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